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In seventies of last century, there was a feeling among the Ophthalmologists of W. Bengal many of the eastern India that they were not getting due recognition in AIOS by the then leaders of the profession mainly belonging to Delhi and Bombay. One positive common point was noticed among the ophthalmologists of W.Bengal, Assam, Bihar and Orissa that they were eager to work for a change organizationally. They were Dr L. C.Dutta of Assam, Dr A. N.Pandeya of Bihar, Dr U. C.Behera of Orissa, Dr M. Lala Singh of Manipur and Dr K. R. Dutta. Prof. Ranabir Mukherjee had taken the overall leading role to form EIZOC including constitution drafting. Subsequently, the first Eastern India Zonal Ophthalmological Conference was held in Calcutta in 1985 at Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan under the leadership of Prof. Shreemohon Mishra of Darbhanga. In the General body Meeting EIZOC was formally inaugurated & constitutions drafted by Prof. Muhherjee were passed. The Office of the congress was in Calcutta with Dr Ramendra Lal Saha as the Secretary and Dr Chandi Dutta as the Treasurer. After Dr R.L. Saha next secretary was Dr P.L.Saha and Treasurer Dr Subrata Rakhit. Then onwards regular conferences started being held in different states from time to time. Following is the list of EIZOC Presidents & Secretaries as far as available from different sources :

Year President Secretary Place
1985-86 Dr Sree Mohan Mishra Dr R. L. Saha Kolkata
1986-87 Dr Gopal Ch. Sen Dr R. L. Saha Guwahati
1987-88 Dr U. C. Behera Dr R. L. Saha Guwahati
1988-89 Dr L. C. Dutta Dr R. L. Saha Bhubaneswar
1989-90 Dr K. R. Dutta Dr R. L. Saha Imphal
1990-91 Dr A. N. Pandeya Dr R. L. Saha Kolkata
1991-92 Dr Ranbir Mukherjee Dr R. L. Saha Guwahati
1992-93 Dr Chandi Das Dr P. L. Saha Agartala
1993-94 Dr P. L. Saha Agartala
1994-95 Dr P. L. Saha Ranchi
1995-96 Dr P. L. Saha Ranchi
1996-97 Dr R. N. Basu Dr P. L. Saha Kolkata
1997-98 Dr Ajit Sinha Dr P. L. Saha Kolkata
1998-99 Dr B. P. Kashyap Dr P. B. Dutta
1999-00 Dr P. B. Dutta
2000-01 Dr P. B. Dutta
2001-02 Dr K. C. Meheta Dr Harsh Bhattacharya
2002-03 Dr M. Lala Singh Dr Ranjan Akhaury
2003-04 Dr M. Lala Singh Dr Ranjan Akhaury
2004-05 Dr A. S. B. Sahai Dr Ranjan Akhaury Bokaro
2005-06 Dr A. S. B. Sahai Dr S. C. Das Sambalpur
2006-07 Dr A. N. Sinha Dr S. C. Das Patna
2007-08 Dr H. R. Mohanty Dr S. C. Das Purulia
2008-09 Dr V. N. Prasad Dr S. C. Das Silchar
2009-10 Dr A. K. Mukherjee Dr S. C. Das Bhubaneswar
2010-11 Dr B. K. Sahay Dr S. C. Das Kolkata
2011-14 Dr H. K. Choudhary Dr S. C. Das Guwahati
2014-15 Dr P. L. Saha Dr B. N. Gupta Silchar
2015-16 Dr S. C. Das Dr B. N. Gupta Bhubaneswar

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